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Hi, and welcome to Infinite Reiki – Australia’s Reiki Directory.

My name is Bren from EarthDigital.com.au
I started this membership resource as a way to help boost the profile of Reiki Practitioners across Australia.

Why Join InfiniteReiki.org?

Becoming a member of InfiniteReiki.org is a all about boosting your profile online. This, in turn, will give your increased visibility for potential clients to find you and book your services.

Reiki Practitioner Directory

As Australia’s Reiki Practitioner Directory, I encourage you to jump on board.

The once-only lifetime membership fee of $50 entitles you to a powerful link back to your website, social media pages and more. You’re welcome to add as many social media profiles, alongside your website, phone numbers and your business address.

Simple Membership Process

To gain instant admission to InfiniteReiki.orgAustralian Reiki Practitioner Directory, follow this two step process.

  1. Make payment of $AUD50 to https://paypal.me/ssstraws
  2. Get in touch with me via email info@earthdigital.com.au or You can get in touch with me instantly through Facebook Messsenger by clicking this link.

Once I confirm your payment and listing details, we’ll add your membership details to InfiniteReiki.org and you’ll be featured live on the Australian Reiki Practitioners website.  The whole process is complete in 24 hours.

Join Today! Lifetime membership (no expiry) $50

Professional Directories Work

Adding your business to a professional, carefully curated directory like infinitereiki.org works. 

Authority, Trust and Citation Flow

When you are in business, you want to be found online by people who are searching for the service or product you provide. So if you are a Reiki Practitioner, you want to appear in the search results when someone types in Reiki Practitioner into Google.

Google has an algorithm that determines which websites appear where in the search results. One of the most important – if not THE MOST IMPORTANT – factors is the number of links to your website.

Each link to your website is seen as a “vote” for the credibility, authority and trust of your website.

Links and More Links

So, essentially, the more links to your site, the more likely Google will assess your site as worthy of appearing higher up in the results for your search keywords. Like Reiki Practitioner Australia – for example.

That’s why adding your business – name and website address to this directory – which specifically focusses on Reiki Practitioners in Australia – is so powerful. Of course there are several other factors in play, but for a general effective approach, building links is the way to gain momentum.

InfiniteReiki.org passes on some of it’s own authority, trust and citation flow into sites it links OUT to – like yours once you join. So your website gains from being associated with Infinitereiki.org – a history dating back to 2003. That’s 17 years and counting – literally an eternity in internet years!

NO Annual Fees – EVER!

I’m not a big believer in the subscription model – in fact I believe in the exact opposite – one payment, once – for life!

That’s why you can rest assured your payment of $50 will ensure you’re featured in this directory permanently. (You can check other Local Australian Directories offering similar listing fees for $99 annually up to $500 a year! Not here.)

Join today.

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